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Get Your Head in the Game


Research shows that coaches believe mental attitude accounts for 50% of not only players’ success, but also teams’ success. However, this is often overlooked from both a coaching standpoint, as well as in individual training plans. Get Your Head In The Game not only offers insight into the relationship between mental attitude and the performance of professional soccer players, but will also assist both players and coaches who are aspiring to improve their mental game and motivate their teams.


Quotes and brief player profiles used throughout Get Your Head In The Game summarize the players’ thoughts, so that that you, the reader, can easily gain understanding of the mental attitude of professional players. It also provides inspirational insight into the work ethic of your favorite players.  Successful soccer players not only believe in themselves, but they have a dream and follow it. They are willing to look critically at areas needing improvement; they work hard and make sacrifices.



One Day
A Story About Positive Attitude


This book will be of interest to those who want to achieve a goal in soccer or life. It is the story of children who wish to play football like their heroes.  In addition to the story, the book provides real-life examples of professional soccer players like Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Mia Hamm as well as many others.  The stories demonstrate the possibility of overcoming adversity using positive mental attitude.  It includes beautiful full page vibrant illustrations of children trying to copy their heroes.

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