George Weah Has Faith

George Weah was born in the slums of Africa and raised by his grandmother after his parents separated. It was a very poor area and the neighbours often fed George, because his family didn’t have enough food. As a child, he played soccer with makeshift balls and tin cans, but George dreamt of playing football, and scoring goals, and his great uncle believed that God had a destiny for him that he had to follow. Most of the men in the neighbourhood, where he grew up, did not have jobs. Yet George had faith in his ability and began playing in the Liberian domestic league in his early teens. When he was 22 years old, he was signed to play professionally in Europe. In 2004, he was voted by the world’s top sports journalists as African Player of the Century. He contributed his own money to sponsor the Liberian National Team, which he played for and managed, scoring 13 goals before his retirement. George is grateful for the opportunities that his talent and hard work have provided him with: “Today I’m sitting at my pool when before I never even had room to sleep. I’m grateful to God and to football.”

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