Mia Hamm Worked Hard To Improve

Mia Hamm was born with a clubfoot and needed corrective shoes. Once she was out of braces there was no stopping her. Inspired by her brother she began to play soccer. She looked up to her brother and was devastated when he died at an early age from a rare blood disease. Mia found soccer helpful in dealing with her grief. Her father was in the military, and because of that, she moved many times. She often played on boys’ teams. For the majority of her career there were no professional women’s soccer leagues, however when a league was established in 2001, she was able to play for three years for the Washington Freedom FC. She also played on Olympic teams that won two Gold medals and one Silver medal. Mia believes it is important to have drive and determination, to push beyond your limits, and to put in more hours of training than other people. Mia is considered the best female player of all time.

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