Marta Believes In Her Dreams Overcoming Gender Issues

In the region I come from, it was not acceptable for a woman to play soccer. It was something absolutely masculine. So I really had no options.

- Marta Vieriera da Silva

Marta had no female role models and no teams for girls as soccer was not a sport played by women in Brazil. Yet she pursued her dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Like Pelé before her against the odds, she listened to her inner voice and passion. Dreaming of becoming a world famous football player as a young child and achieving her goal. She talks about the moment she realized her own potential.

I have always played with boys since the beginning, and sometimes with boys who were a little older than me – and I noticed that I was always standing out. So when I got to that point, I noticed I was pretty good.

- Marta Vieriera da Silva

I didn’t know there was such a thing as professional soccer, but I knew that Brazil had a women’s team that competed against other countries, and I wanted to be on that team.

-Marta Vieriera da Silva

Marta was a a brave woman whose dream motivated her, at 14 years old, to board a bus for a 3 day trip to Rio de Janeiro, to attend a one day try out for the top women’s team. Successful, she never returned home and quit school to pursue her dream. Michael Sokolove, who interviewed her, asked if she was scared. “Why would I be scared? It was in my character to want to achieve my goal, and that was where my goal was. So I had to go there.



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